Ever since she played her first game of Super Mario back in the 90s, Ivana was hooked on technology.  Years later, she started her career working for a company that sells EU GDPR documentation. This job has thought her the importance of proper data collection, storage, and handling. Soon she realized that dealing with customer information was something many companies found challenging and that many individuals are ignorant about the amount of data they leave online. This inspired here to launch DataProt - a website that educates people on internet privacy and gives cybersecurity advice.
Apple Report Warns Against Sideloading
A new Apple white paper is trying to make the case against sideloading apps on iOS by warning of potential security risks associated with the practice. The 28-page document titled Building a Trusted Ecosystem for Millions of Apps analyzes current smartphone technologies and possible threats for m
Backblaze Confirms SSDs Fail as Often as HDDs
Despite being somewhat ancient, hard drives are still your best choice if you want to store your backups for cheap. This conclusion came from a recent study performed by cloud backup provider Backblaze. The company uses both solid-state and hard drives for its backup platform, which allowed it to
New Backdoor Linked to Infamous Sunburst Hackers
Researchers at Kaspersky Labs believe they’ve detected new activity from the supposedly dormant hacker group DarkHalo. They discovered a brand-new backdoor called Tomiris, a so-called “advanced persistent threat” (APT). It was found during a recent DNS redirect attack aimed at several undis
Text Messaging Provider Suffers a Massive Breach
If you’ve got a mobile plan on Verizon, AT&T, T-Mobile, or Vodafone, chances are hackers have been able to read your text messages for years. This shocking revelation comes from a recent document Syniverse filed with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission. On page 69 of the document, S
Members of a Ransomware Gang Arrested in Ukraine
Two individuals connected to a “prominent ransomware gang” are now in the custody of Ukrainian police. Police arrested two men, age and name undisclosed, on September 28 as part of a big international crime-busting operation. During this operation, a collaboration between the FBI, French cybe
Kaspersky Rates Gamma’s FinSpy Updates as Highly Concerning
Upon running an eight-month analysis into the FinFisher spyware toolkit, Kaspersky revealed its findings at the Security Analyst Summit 2021 on Tuesday, 28. September. The toolkit includes a four-layer obfuscation, a two-stage loader, and a new UEFI “bootkit” attack. FinSpy, also known as Fin
BT Releases Cisco Multinational Platform for Network Monitoring
Telecommunications and network provider BT Global Services launched a multinational network monitoring service called Cisco ThousandEyes Internet and Cloud Intelligence on Tuesday, 21 September. BT has crowned its 30-year partnership with Cisco by creating a new platform that’s bound to help it
CDN Provider Qwilt Gets Funding Boost from Cisco
CDN Provider Qwilt announced a successful new round of funding led by venture capital firm Cisco Investments. The exact figures haven’t been made public. The money will reportedly be used to accelerate Qwilt’s service provider edge cloud program. The company has actively collaborated with Cis
Amazon Releases New Natural Language BI Tool
Amazon Web Services launched a new business intelligence tool within its existing cloud-based QuickSight platform. The newly released QuickSight Q is designed to simplify data searches using natural language. The feature enables QuickSight Enterprise users to type questions regarding their busine
NETGEAR Broadband Routers Affected by High-Severity RCE Flaw
NETGEAR, a multinational networking equipment company, has released patches to fix a dangerous vulnerability to remotely executed codes, which affects multiple routers and can expose users to various remote attacks. A significant number of NETGEAR’s broadband and WiFi routers are susceptible to
DoorLoop Raises $10 Million in Seed Funding
Miami-based rental property management software company DoorLoop announced it has raised $10 million in seed funding. The funds were secured by the company’s founders and private investors and will be used for further investment in its technology platform, marketing campaigns, and hiring. Some