Ever since she played her first game of Super Mario back in the 90s, Ivana was hooked on technology.  Years later, she started her career working for a company that sells EU GDPR documentation. This job has thought her the importance of proper data collection, storage, and handling. Soon she realized that dealing with customer information was something many companies found challenging and that many individuals are ignorant about the amount of data they leave online. This inspired here to launch DataProt - a website that educates people on internet privacy and gives cybersecurity advice.
Dutch Team Launches CDN Alliance With No Active Members
A group of Dutch content delivery businessmen founded the CDN Alliance on September 1, with the aim of bringing together CDN networks interested in working on common concerns and problems. However, as of today, the alliance has no members yet. The CDN Alliance was launched by Thijs de Zoete, Rico
AOMEI Is Launching a Free Giveaway of the MBackupper Pro
Software development company AOMEI decided to mark the release of the new iPhone 13 on September 14 by giving away its MBackupper Pro software. This handy app will help users seamlessly migrate their old iPhone data to the new device.  The Pro version of the software is normally worth $29.95 but
Amazon AWS Launches Amazon Managed Grafana
On September 1, Amazon Web Services announced the general availability of its fully managed data visualization service, Amazon Managed Grafana. The data visualization software created by Amazon AWS is expected to assist general users in translating their business metrics into useful statistics fo
Russia Blocks 6 VPNs in Attempt to Limit Access to Prohibited Content
Russia has blocked access to six popular VPN providers, including NordVPN and ExpressVPN, in a bid to gain control over the flagged content on the Internet, it was announced on Friday, September 3. Six virtual private network providers were blocked due to allegations of providing access to subver
Broadcom Updates Its Network Monitoring Tool
On Wednesday, September 1, Broadcom released an updated version of its DX NetOps network monitoring and analytics software. The new version is called DX NetOps 21.2 and was released to help with managing networking at scale. The latest addition to the Broadcom software boasts new features and enh
Only 16% of Homeowners Protect Wi-Fi Routers
Unsettling data compiled by NordVPN reveals that only 16% of homeowners who have a Wi-Fi router actually do something to protect them. According to the VPN service, more than 64% of homes have a Wi-Fi router. The news comes at a time when hackers are targeting home routers with alarming frequency
How to Encrypt Email: a Step-by-Step Guide
As one of the oldest and most universal forms of communication on the Internet, email has earned its place in the hall of fame of modern technology. However, even the simple act of sending virtual letters to people might easily become a nightmare for both the sender and the recipient. Namely, jud
FBI on High Alert for Cyberattacks During Olympics
On July 19, 2021, the FBI issued a notification to service providers and other organizations connected to the Tokyo 2020 Summer Olympics about potential cyberattacks. According to the alert: “Cyber actors could use ransomware or other malicious tools and services available for purchase on the i