Ever since she played her first game of Super Mario back in the 90s, Ivana was hooked on technology.  Years later, she started her career working for a company that sells EU GDPR documentation. This job has thought her the importance of proper data collection, storage, and handling. Soon she realized that dealing with customer information was something many companies found challenging and that many individuals are ignorant about the amount of data they leave online. This inspired here to launch DataProt - a website that educates people on internet privacy and gives cybersecurity advice.
What Is IKEv2 VPN Protocol?
The go-to protocol for optimized and smartphone traffic If you’ve recently joined the growing pool of VPN users, you’re probably familiar with IKEv2 as one of several protocols typically offered by VPN service providers. When used with IPSec, IKEv2 is an excellent solution for the online smartp
What Is the L2TP VPN Protocol?
An outdated protocol we still use because of convenience An unspoken techie rule goes: Out with the old, in with the new. We’re constantly being offered newer and improved software solutions designed to be safer and better suit our needs. However, some pieces of software keep defying the ravages
TechnoMile Announces Integration with DocuSign
TechnoMile, a popular cloud platform for contract management, announced its integration with the DocuSign e-signature service. This integration gives TechnoMile users the ability to review, manage, sign, and send electronic documents. The newly-announced integration is a welcome sight for TechnoM
Researchers Uncover Another Rootkit Certified by Microsoft
A group of cybersecurity researchers at Bitdefender uncovered another rootkit that managed to get through Microsoft’s Windows Hardware Quality Labs (WHQL) signing process. The FiveSys rootkit is the second rootkit that Bitdefender’s researchers ran into, which managed to bypass Microsoft’s
New Data Loss Prevention Rules to Combat Data Leaks via Google Chat
Google recently announced that it is working on a feature bound to help its users share sensitive information through Google chat and Chrome and keep their data protected. In an attempt to do so, the tech giant is developing Google Data Loss Prevention rules for chat administrators. The company anno
Snapchat to Unveil Family Safety Tools to Protect Minors
Snapchat is preparing to introduce parental control features that will enable parents to better monitor their children’s activities on the platform. During a recent interview on WSJ Tech Live, Snapchat’s CEO, Evan Spiegel, announced that the family center will also grant parents access to the
Opmantek and Microsoft Ink Network Management Agreement
Microsoft’s internal networks will now be protected by Opmantek Software - one of the leading providers of automated network management software. Opmantek will provide software and support to manage parts of Microsoft’s internal networks. The deal also gives Microsoft the ability to monitor its
Big Vulnerability Found in Popular WordPress Plugin
WordPress users are now a potential target of takeover attacks due to a bug found in the Brizy - Page Builder plugin. Security provider and WordPress-plugin developer Wordfence published its findings on this major vulnerability in its latest blog post. According to the company, the bug has been p
MysterySnail Malware Exploits Another Windows Zero-day
Update your antivirus and OS, because there’s yet another zero-day vulnerability in Windows operating systems. Researchers at Kaspersky have discovered a string of attacks conducted by Chinese hacking group APT in late August and early September. The attackers focused their attacks on a, at the
Latest Crypto Scam Takes $1.4M Through Fake Crypto Apps
If your internet sweetheart is trying to convince you to download some apps, claiming you’ll get rich by investing, they’re most likely trying to scam you. The latest scam involves an app called CryptoRom, which an unsuspecting person will install under the pretense that it’ll help them inv