A former social-media addict, Jovana was rocked out of her complacent habits when the Cambridge Analytica scandal hit the news. The cost of personal information dawned on her and her own practice of careless oversharing sent chills down her spine. Now she is committed to spreading the word about the value of anonymity and the importance of online privacy. Her psychology degree helps her understand her audience on a personal level and persuade even the most computer-illiterate that good cyberhygiene is not only necessary, but easy as well.
Police raid NGINX Moscow office
Russian police raided the Moscow office of the US-owned web server company NGINX and detained a number of employees on Thursday. Among those arrested were NGINX cofounders Igor Sysoev and Maxim Konovalov. The raid comes after Russia’s search engine giant Rambler filed a copyright infringemen
A degree won’t get you better pay in cybersecurity, survey shows
A recent survey revealed that a degree doesn't guarantee higher compensation when it comes to careers in cybersecurity. The 2020 Cyber Security Salary Survey showed that salary ranges were similar regardless of whether employees had a degree in computer science or a related field. More than 1
Credit card fraud statistics: What are the odds?
Every year, millions of Americans fall victim to fraud cases that cost them, their banks, and the national economy billions of dollars. As consumers embrace online banking and eCommerce, cybercriminals are coming up with increasingly creative ways to steal your money. If you use a credit or debit
Over 750,000 Birth Certificates Exposed Online
More than 750,000 Americans had their personal details exposed on the internet after an online platform, which allows residents to request copies of vital records, failed to properly store the data.  The third-party supplier handled applications for copies of birth certificates and other records
Facebook Sues Ad Company for Hijacking Accounts
Facebook is suing a Hong Kong-based company that it alleges used malware to compromise hundreds of thousands of user accounts to target users with fraudulent ads. According to the filed lawsuits, ILikeAd Media International Company Ltd. used the ads to promote counterfeit goods. Chinese software
Phishing Statistics & How to Avoid Taking the Bait
Don’t open that email. Do you recognize the sender’s company name? Is it spelled right? Do you know the sender? We aren’t accustomed to thinking of email messages as dangerous. But experts say we should be paranoid about our inboxes. Spear phishers are after us. Phishing attacks are i
Hacking statistics to give you nightmares
Check out our list of the best antivirus software. The World Wide Web’s unexpected sprawl has in some ways turned the whole world into a single cyber village. But as the world shifted from a physical to a digital landscape, new threats arose. Criminals began looting the web’s wide-open cor
Internet of Things statistics for 2020 – Taking things apart
The last few years have seen the Internet of Things vision grow from a theoretical concept to a major priority for many organizations. As companies integrate IoT devices into their network infrastructures, they’re looking for new ways to use and manage the data they collect. Since IoT-enabled d
Chinese made smart watches expose the location of 5,000 children
Researchers are warning that a Chinese-made watch is putting thousands of children around the world in ”real danger.” AV-Test, an independent research laboratory devoted to the detection of malware, examined children’s smart watches, which are manufactured by China’s Shenzhen Smart Care T
Senate Democrats propose Consumer Online Privacy Rights Act 
Senate Democrats are at work on a bill intended to provide federal privacy guarantees for the personal data of US citizens.  Senator Maria Cantwell of Washington State, along with Democrats from four key Senate committees, introduced the Consumer Online Privacy Rights Act.  COPRA is intended
Google warns 12,000 users about government-backed attacks
Google warned more than 12,000 users in 149 countries about email attacks from a state-backed hacking group. The figures only include alerts sent out between July and September 2019.  A member of Google’s hacker-hunter unit, Threat Analysis Group, explained that the targets are generally activ
Catch restaurants hit by point-of-sale malware
Catch Hospitality Group has announced that a point-of-sale malware attack may have exposed customer data.  Popular New York City restaurants Catch NYC, Catch Roof, and Catch Steak initiated an investigation after discovering unauthorized activity on payment processing systems. The investigation